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FLOW-3D ® Cast

Selling and supporting the powerful simulation software FLOW-3D® Cast, training (software, metal casting know-how), as well as to serve as a one-stop provider in the engineering services for casting design and optimization.

FLOW-3D® Cast consists of a full flow and thermal solution for both the cast alloy and the die, providing detailed insights into the flow characteristics of a simulated casting. The result? Optimized simulated designs reduce development time for physical design iterations, speed up time to market and increase yield.

Combining an intuitive, progressive user interface, FLOW-3D Cast guides modelers through successful project setup with the FLOW-3D solver, delivering accurate predictions of filling and solidification-related defects.

FLOW-3D® Cast enable companies to save unnecessary development costs when deploying new casting processes or alloys.

  • Accuracy
    • FLOW-3D  delivers high accuracy simulation results faster by using its’ Industry-leading algorithm TruVOF.
    • Developed by Dr. Tony Hirt, the Volume of Fluid (VOF) method for free-surface tracking at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.   
    • A pioneering volume of fluid tracking method, TruVOF continues to set the industry standard for flow accuracy since its inception 35 years ago.
  • Efficiency
    • Streamlined Meshing For Complex Parts
    • FLOW-3D Cast’s unique meshing methodology, FAVOR™, handles complex geometry within a structured mesh.
    • This technique is referred to as free-gridding.
    • The mesh and geometry can be changed independently of each other
    • Allowing for rapid parametric adjustments without the labor-intensive remeshing required by other CFD software
    • Greatly simplifying the meshing process and saving significant time during simulation setup.
    • FAVOR (Fractional Area Volume Obstacle Representation) allows FLOW-3D Cast to maintain highly-accurate flow calculations around complex geometries.
  • Collaboration
    • FlowSight provides a powerful and simple method for understanding and sharing simulation results.
    • Results can be compared by viewing both numerical and visual formats.
    • Analyzing iso surfaces from all six degrees simultaneously and linking and viewing separate cases together in the same viewport.
Casting Quality Analysis
  • Filling Analysis
    • Visualize balance filling
    • Locate air entrainment locations
    • Predict oxide defect locations
    • Predict cold shut / cold laps
    • Predict surface defects
    • Check gating balance
    • Find maximum gate speeds
    • Check erosions potential
    • Predict core gassing
    • Optimize shot chamber curve
  • Solidification Analysis
    • Detect hotspot
    • Visualize solidification pattern
    • Check thermal die cycling
    • Predict macro/micro porosity locations
    • Thermal stress/strain & distortion analysis
  • Sand Core Blowing Analysis
    • Trace sand flowing pattern
    • Density 
    • Visualize core curing process
    • Predict potential core gassing locations
    • Analyze thermal stress/strain & distortion